Carrier 58EFB 1PD Gas Furnace Owners Manual

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® Product Data 58EFB Horizontal Gas Furnace Input Capacities: 50,000 thru 125,000 Btuh Carrier presents the 58EFB, a dedicated horizontal gas furnace that excels in the competitive market of non-condensing gas furnaces. The 58EFB furnace offers dependable and economical heating. The 58EFB utilizes a hot surface pilot ignition system — eliminating a gas-wasting continuous pilot. The 58EFB controls ignition, inducer, and blower operation with a printed-circuit fan timer board and an ignition module integrated into the gas valve.

This results in a reliable and uncomplicated system with fewer components than earlier models. Induced combustion contributes significantly to the heat transfer efficiency of the 58EFB. A corrosion-resistant steel heat exchanger extracts heat in the 58EFB and conveys it to the airstream that warms the home. This heat exchanger is the serpentine type utilized for years because of its reliability. All of these features result in a furnace that will not only heat your home comfortably for many years to come, but do it with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of 80%. The 58EFB is easy to install, which means lower installation costs. At 50 in. long, it can be conveniently utilized in either new or replacement applications. The furnace is factoryshipped in the horizontal left configuration, but can easily be “rolled over ” for horizontal right airflow. The furnace is equipped with adjustable blower speeds to fit most applications. Carrier makes adjusting blower speeds easy with a speed-tap selector located on the blower motor. There is no need to remove the blower or perform other complex procedures. 1996 Carrier Corporation Form 58EFB-1PD With a Carrier gas furnace, your options are open when it comes to expanding your comfort system — air conditioners, humidifiers, and electronic air cleaners are among the offerings. A factory-installed 40-va transformer, fan-timer control, and multispeed blower simplify the installation of add-on options. Carrier’s 58EFB Horizontal Gas Furnace heat exchangers are backed by a 20-year warranty. See your dealer for more details. for use with natural and propane gases. The efficiency is GAMA efficiency rating certified. The 58EFB meets California Air Quality Management District emission requirements. Limited Warranty — 20-year warranty on heat exchangers, 1-year warranty on control board. Your dealer has details. Hot Surface Pilot Ignition — No continuous-pilot flame to waste gas or cause problems. Redundant Gas Valve — Consists of 2 valves in series that control the gas flow to main burners. If one of these valves does not close at the end of the burner cycle, the second valve shuts down the fuel supply. Insulation — Foil-faced insulation in heat exchanger section of the casing minimizes heat loss. Printed-Circuit Board — Controls sequencing and furnace operation. Solid-state blower control actuates blower after main burners ignite to eliminate cold air blowing into rooms. Adjustable Blower Speed — For precise airflow selection. Monoport Burners

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