Carrier 58UVB 1PD Gas Furnace Owners Manual

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58UVB Infinityt 96 95% AFUE Upflow Only Variable Speed Condensing Gas Furnaces Series 100 Input Rates 60,000 thru 120,000 Btuh Product Data In addition to providing ultimate comfort, the Infinity 96 has a sealed combustion system. This system brings combustion air to the furnace and vents flue gases outside the furnace in a safe manner. Because it is sealed, operational noise is minimal. A sealed combustion system also means fewer cold drafts and less air infiltration.

Quality materials are the key behind the Infinity 96’s outstanding performance. Carrier stands behind quality. We offer lifetime warranty protection on the heat exchangers, the heart of the Infinity 96. The rest of the unit is backed by a limited 5-year warranty. The Infinity 96 is available in 5 heat/airflow combinations. The unit has an upflow only design. The Infinity 96 can be installed as a Direct vent/2-pipe only. The Infinity 96 is not approved for installation in mobile homes, recreational vehicles, or outdoor use. The variable speed makes the Infinity 96 ideal for use with split-system cooling, including 2-stage units. A Carrier electronic air cleaner, humidifier, Thermidistatt, comfort ventilator, and Comfort Zonet II will provide year-round comfort and efficiency. Designed for durability, comfort, and reliability, the Infinity 96 is the ultimate in versatile, efficient comfort. Carrier Infinity System–When the Infinity 96 variable-speed gas furnace is matched with the Infinity Control and an air conditioner or heat pump, you will experience the ultimate in Comfort Heat and Ideal Humidity through unparalleled control of temperature, humidity, indoor air quality, and zoning. The Carrier Infinity System also provides unprecedented ease of use through on-screen, text-based service reminders and equipment malfunction alerts. For even greater comfort and convenience, match the Infinity 96 furnace with an Infinity air conditioner or heat pump. This will create a fully-communicating system, requiring only 4 thermostat wires between system components, and troubleshooting can even be done from the outdoor unit without entering the home. Optional remote access through telephone or Internet is also available when combined with a remote connectivity kit. A05069 Comfort Heatt TECHNOLOGY, THE ULTIMATE IN HEATING COMFORT. The Carrier Infinityt 96 with Comfort Heatt technology achieves the optimum combination of comfort and efficiency. The Infinityt 96 achieves industry-leading ultra-high efficiency at up to 96.6 percent Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). Efficient performance is enhanced through the variable-speed design. To maintain ideal comfort, Comfort Heat technology automatically adjusts the heating level, maximizing the use of low heating levels that produce near silent furnace operation while meeting the exact heating needs. This unit is designed to keep the indoor temperature within 1 degree of the thermostat set point. Because it operates in low heat most of the time, the Infinity 96 uses up to 80% less power than single-capacity furnaces. INFINITY 96 FEATURES/BENEFITS IdealHumidity The IdealHumidity system actively controls both temperature and humidity in your home to provide the best comfort all year long. Other systems depend on heating or cooling to manage the moisture in the air. But IdealHumidity gives you the right amount of humidity, day and night, even in mild weather. No other manufacturer can do this! IdealHumidity saves energy, too.

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