Carrier 58UXT 4PD Gas Furnace Owners Manual

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Product Data 58UXT WeatherMaker® 8000 Two-Speed Energy-Efficient Upflow/Horizontal Furnace Input Capacities: 60,000 thru 120,000 Btuh Two-Speed Heating for Energy-Efficient Gas Furnaces Carrier leads the industry with our new WeatherMaker® 8000 TwoSpeed Upflow/Horizontal InducedCombustion Gas Furnace. This furnace can operate at 2 different speed settings which provide outstanding home comfort. The WeatherMaker 8000 Two-Speed is built with the most advanced manufacturing equipment, processes, and technology available in order to ensure top quality.

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning User Manual Free Download. HAVC Operator’s Manual. Gas Furnace and AC Free Instruction Manual Download PDF.

Packed into the cabinet are the industry’s foremost dealer and homeowner features. These 2-speed induced-combustion, gas-fired furnaces offer not only low installation costs, but fuel economy as well–delivering an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of 80.0 percent. The WeatherMaker 8000 Two-Speed utilizes a hot surface, silicon carbide ignition system to save energy and increase reliability. Our design uses the patented S-shaped 4-pass heat exchanger, a soft mount 2-speed inducer assembly, and a 2-stage slow-opening gas valve to minimize sound level. The Super-S heat exchanger provides better heat transfer while enabling us to make a compact furnace. This provides more room in closet, utility room, and short basement installations. The heat exchanger is constructed of aluminized steel and is backed by a 20-year Limited Warranty. The WeatherMaker 8000 Two-Speed will meet your home heating requirements. This furnace UPFLOW HORIZONTAL 1998 Carrier Corporation Form 58UXT-4PD family provides a wide range of heating capacities. All models are GAMA efficiency rating certified and certified for use in California Air Quality Management Districts. The superior attention to cabinet detail is obvious. The WeatherMaker 8000 Two-Speed features 1-piece, seamless, wrap-around construction. There are no spot welds on the exterior surfaces of the WeatherMaker 8000 Two-Speed. There is also double protection for the cabinet. First, a galvanized steel substrate provides resistance to rusting. Then the cabinet is constructed of prepainted steel–the same high-quality finish found on refrigerators and dishwashers. Perhaps the most advanced feature of the WeatherMaker 8000 Two-Speed is the state-of-the-art microprocessor control center which shows true leadership in furnace technology. The simplified electronics in this control provide high reliability while performing many of the functions of older, electromechanical devices in other furnaces. The control provides blower delay at start-up and shutdown, while monitoring furnace operations and functions. In the unlikely event of a service call, in less than a minute, the technician can use the self-test feature to determine if a major component has failed. The control will check itself; then the low and high inducer speeds; silicon carbide ignition; and low-, medium-, and high-speed blower. The control also features a 3-amp fuse that protects the transformer and control. Our induced-combustion furnace has a patented draft safeguard. The draft safeguard will stop furnace operation if the vent system becomes blocked or is not operating properly. Best of all, the WeatherMaker 8000 Two-Speed is easily installed.

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