Carrier 58VMR 5PD Gas Furnace Owners Manual

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58VMR MULTIPOISE OIL FURNACE INPUT RATES: 70,000 thru 154,000 BTUH SERIES 110 Product Data 58VMR FEATURES/BENEFITS Riello Oil Burner S High quality Riello oil burner allows safe and efficient combustion of oil. Casing S Made of 20 gauge powder painted steel for years of durability and attractiveness. S Cabinet features a reversible door, ensuring ease of service access even in downflow applications.

Insulation and Soundproofing S Unique silencer baffle along with insulated walls and rubber blower mounts efficiently captures most combustion noise and vibrations and makes this unit one of the quietest on the market. Combustion Products Venting S Top or side flue outlets. S Unit may be vented using Type L vent material and a factory-built metal or masonry chimney. S Unit may also be sidewall vented with an approved power venter. Variable Speed Blower S Variable speed blower for precise airflow selection of A06625 heating or cooling operation. THE LATEST IN OIL FURNACE TECHNOLOGY The model 58VMR combines variable-speed high efficiency and quiet operation with the latest oil heating technology. The 58VMR is available in 2 sizes. Each size can be fired at 3 different rates by a simple nozzle change. Unit 58VMR105 covers input ranges from 70,000 to 105,000 Btuh. Unit 58VMR120 covers input ranges from 119,000 to 154,000 Btuh. The furnace design is a multipoise style for upflow, downflow, and horizontal applications. The components of the 58VMR are the finest in the industry. The unit uses a Riello oil burner with an electronic air damper. The 58VMR is a standard part of a quality-built home. This energy efficient furnace will provide years of quality service to home builders and homeowners alike. As with other Carrier furnaces, this model is designed to work as part of a total home comfort system which includes elements for cooling, air cleaning, humidification, ventilation, and zoning. This unit is not approved for use in mobile home installations. Electronic Fan Control S Electronic fan control board provides reliable operation and easy connection of thermostat and accessory wiring. Combustion Chamber/Heat Exchanger S Composed mainly of stainless and aluminized steel, the unique combination combustion chamber/heat exchanger resists corrosion, overheating, and deterioration. S Heat transfer properties make it energy efficient. S All seams are tightly welded for leak–free operation. Certifications S 58VMR unit is CSA certified. S The efficiency is AHRI efficiency rating certified.

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