Mitsubishi MSZ A09 A12YV MUZ A09 A12YV H Wall Air Conditioner Installation Manual

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Product BrandHeating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Manual, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Americas Corporate Office Phone: 714-220-2500; Application support or for technical information regarding applications for Mr. Slim, Toll-free: 1-800-433-4822
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SG79Y281H13 4. INDOOR UNIT INSTALLATION SPLIT-TYPE AIR CONDITIONERS Models utilized HFC 4-3 POWER SUPPLY AND CONNECTING WIRE SPECIFICATIONS CAUTION FOR LEFT OR LEFT-REAR PIPING 4-1 FIXING OF INSTALLATION PLATE · Use special room air conditioning circuit. Power supply cord length (Lead to left/Lead to right) Indoor/outdoor unit connecting wire Specification MSZ-A09/A12YV Series MUZ-A09/A12YV(H) INSTALLATION MANUAL [FLARE CONNECTION TYPE] R410A When installing an MXZ series outdoor unit, refer to the MXZ type manual for outdoor unit set up.

· Find a structural material (such as a stud) in the wall and fix installation plate horizontally. Bind the line to the center hole. 79 mm or more 109 mm or more for left and left back piping (using spacer) ore m or m 190 m ll) the wa (off 0.3 m/1 m Cable 4-core 1.0 mm2, in conformity with Design 245 IEC 57. A09YV · · Be careful not to make mis-wiring. Firmly tighten the terminal screws to prevent them from loosening. After tightening, pull the wires lightly to confirm that they do not move. If the connecting wire is incorrectly connected to the terminal block, the unit does not operate normally. If an earth is incorrect, it may cause an electric shock. Make earth wire a little longer than the others. (more than 35 mm) · Pipe arrangement Put the refrigerant piping and the drain hose together, then apply felt tape 7 to them. Be careful drain hose is not heaved. Cut off in case of left piping. INDOOR UNIT INSTALLATION Insert the drain hose into the wall hole sleeve C, and hook the upper part of indoor unit on the installation plate 1. Then, move the unit to the very edge of the left side for putting the piping easily in the back space of the indoor unit. After that, cut a part of packing material, then roll it as shown below and use it as a spacer to hook on the back rib and lift the indoor unit. WARNING A means for disconnection of the supply with an isolation switch, or similar device, in all active conductors shall be incorporated in the fixed wiring. Never cut the power cord and connect it to other wires. It may cause a fire. Power supply cord English Indoor unit packing cardboard Loosen terminal screw. · Take out power supply cord from the left or right bottom corner of the indoor unit. Connect to the power switch which has a gap of 3 mm or more when open to interrupt the source power phase. (When the power switch is shut off, it must interrupt all phases.) (Rated Voltage/Frequency : 230 V/50 Hz) (Input capacity Main switch/Fuse:10 A) (This plug has to be the one meets the Standards.)

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